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  I'm very proud of myself. I just had lunch with my husband, and i didn't mess up. All I had was a can of tuna, and my carrots, like I palnned. I'm actually doing well today. My husband said he's proud of me for taking cintrol of my eating. That really helps me go on. Hope all of you are doing well. Think thin:)


 I don't get why this always happens to me. I start my diet and then someone decides to take me and my husband and son out for dinner. We're supposed to go to swiss chalet which is a chicken place. Great how am i supposed to get out of eating when my in-laws are buying me dinner. This sucks. I don't want to be rude to them, but i don't want ANY food. I'm guessing i will have a chicken breast and some veggies, but i won't eat it all, that's for sure. I'll fill up on water and diet pepsi, thank god for diet pepsi!!!! I don't know if anyone is reading these posts, but if someone out there is, and they get what i'm talking about, could you PLEASE send me some thinsperation!!!!!!

A better day

Well today is going better, i don't feel as hungry. i have only had weight loss tea. It tastes sooooooo good!!! and takes the hunger pains away. Last night I blew it though, I made bread for my family, and of course it smelt soo good i had to have some. But that wasn't the worst part, i put margarine on it!!! Well i guess I just have to do better today. NO slip ups.

Off to a bad start

  Well it's day one of my fast and i already eat half a can of tuna (60 calories) and a salad with ultra light dressing. This sucks I can't seem to control myself. I hate this. I think I have to some to terms with the fact that i can't completely starve myself. I guess i just have to allow for 400-600 calories a day. I hope that will work. I'm just going to keep drinking tea and taking my pills. Wish me luck

The start of a new begining

  Hi there,
 I'm new to this journaling, so please bare with me. Today is day one of getting my life back and gaining control. No food for the next 3 days then i'm only eating fruit, and veggies. Today is going really well, I have had some oj, for a little energy, you need that when you have a one year old running around, and know I'm have green tea, with my caffeine pills (for more energy and appetite suppressant). Do any of you have some suggestions on how to not feel hungry? I really don't want to eat and have to throw up. thanks in advance!! :)



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